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October 1st, 2017

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Edwards Memorial United Methodist Church

From the Desk of Pastor Bell:

Many have been asking how they might become the “hands and feet of Christ” to those who are suffering from the devastating impact of recent hurricanes.  To that end, UMCOR and Bishop Trimble have issued the following news release.  I encourage you to read what UMCOR is doing, and search your hearts for ways you might help.  I especially encourage you to pray for the people hit the hardest, and for discernment as to what God is calling you to do in response.

In Him,


Pastor Scott Bell

      Hurricane Harvey trailed through Texas and Louisiana three weeks ago, leaving thousands of people in vulnerable conditions, lacking vital resources and essentials, displaced from their communities, and devastated from the horror of risking death and watching their homes perish.
     Hurricane Irma has followed suite, causing massive destruction and peril throughout the Caribbean Islands including Puerto Rico, Cuba, Bahamas, Haiti, Virgin Islands, Barbuda, Dominican Republic, and made landfall in Florida over the weekend, leaving behind a record of battered homes and infrastructure, as well as extreme flooding conditions. Georgia and the Carolinas are reported to be in its path.
     The United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) has begun to mobilize plans for disaster relief operations for those impacted by Irma as they continue to provide help in regions that have been affected by Hurricane Harvey. Like Harvey, recovery for Irma is expected to be long-term as damage, both physical and emotional, is extensive.
     As United Methodists, we are inspired to pray for those who are lost, wounded, and in need of shelter and food. We are also committed to raising up in prayer the first responders who continually put themselves in harm’s way in order to ensure the rescue and welfare of those in need. 
     Last week, Bishop Trimble released a Call to Prayer to the Indiana Conference, urging United Methodists from across the connection to not waiver from their commitment to praying for those who’ve been left devastated from the impact of these powerful storms.

In this prayer, the Bishop stated, 

“We pray for protection, we pray for relief, and we pray for God’s love and hope to abound in the days ahead. As record-setting rains and unprecedented flooding impact more communities, we pray for the first responders and countless volunteers who put themselves in harm’s way to be a help for others.” 

In addition to praying, we are called to be the hands and feet of Christ in times of need. We are encouraging Indiana United Methodists to join the mission in helping to move the recovery process forward. Given the extremity and vastness of these weather disasters, it’s going to require an ‘all hands on deck’ attitude to help Texas, Louisiana, Florida, The Caribbean islands, as well as many other regions restore what has been demolished. We invite you to help as you feel called to do.       

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