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​​​Pastor’s Column:

​                                                                                 For a child has been born—for us!
                                                                ~Isaiah 9:6

     The past couple of years our church has been blessed with the birth of babies.  Recently, another little one has joined our number, and as I write this edition of Echoes, yet one more “bundle of joy” is but a few days from joining our Community of Faith!
     To that end…let me tell you a secret about me.  I used to be TERRIFIED OF BABIES!!!  Born an only child, my experience with babies was less than limited.  Fact is, I had NEVER held a newborn baby…let alone cared for one IN MY ENTIRE 27 YEARS OF LIFE!  Accordingly, when my wife informed me that we were expecting, I kissed her, expressed my overwhelming joy, and promptly went into the bathroom, closed the door…and entered a state of apoplexy!!!!
     Over the course of the next few months, my fear and trepidation grew exponentially.  As our due date came closer, so too did my anxiety.  Even though I faithfully attended our Lamaze classes, held and rocked and diapered and burped and bathed “almost real, look-alike, reasonable facsimile baby dolls,” the absolute terror that loomed inside our third trimester overwhelmed me.
     And then…while eating a seemingly safe bowl of Campbells Soup, my wife spoke the two words I had been dreading for nine long months.
                                                                                     ….it’s time.

It’s all just a blur now.  A race to Reid.  The donning of a set of scrubs and mask and gloves.  Breathing…pushing…encouraging…more pushing…and then.
                                                                         …a child was born---for us.

     Shortly thereafter, a very wise nurse sat me in a very low chair and handed me a blanket bundled baby.  Our baby.  
And then the most miraculous thing happened.  That baby…that same baby I had been so frightened by, confused by…overwhelmed by…reached out and took hold of my finger… 
                                                                 …and with my finger…went my heart.
 And that baby has never given it back. 
      Brothers and Sisters in Christ, though we were frightened, and confused, and overwhelmed… a baby came…to take our hearts.  To heal our confusion, and our suffering, and our fear.  When we least expected it, when we were looking the other way and focused on other things…God decided, “It’s time…”
     My prayer for each of you this Christmas Season is that, when the time is right…for only you and God will know…you sit yourself down and gather upon your lap a carefully swaddled bundle.  And in a moment that will forever be for you the moment of moments, a tiny hand will reach out and take your finger…
                                                                           and with it…your heart.
                                                             …For a child has been born—for us!

     And, Brothers and Sisters in Christ, in a moment…in the twinkling of an eye…He’s Coming Back!

                                                                   Merry Christmas,​


                                                      Pastor Scott Bell

DECEMBER 1st, 2018