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AUGUST 1st, 2018

Edwards Memorial United Methodist Church

4 W Seminary  St - Liberty, Indiana

​​Pastor’s Column:
    August, for me, is a month of mixed feelings, mixed emotions, mixed memories.  It’s a month that brings final vacations, back yard camp-outs, county fairs, dog-day swelters, and back-to-school shopping.
     As an only child, I can remember late August car rides to Colorado, my father’s favorite vacation destination.  In a time before GPS and Mapquest, my ‘mother turned navigator,’ would sit in the passenger seat armed with her trusty Rand McNally.  Every hour or so my father would turn to her, and in a voice filled with excitement query, “Well Mom, what’s comin’ down the pike?”  I must admit, I couldn’t wait to hear her announce what awaited us.
     To that end, in this month’s “Pastor’s Page” I’d like to share what is “comin’ down the pike” in the life of EMUMC.
     As I write this edition, our Worship Committee, Administrative Council, and Sunday School Staff are considering ways to better present Christian Education to children and youth.  We will soon make a decision to either continue hosting Sunday School during the 9-10AM hour…which has been experiencing dwindling attendance for several years, or to try a bold experiment of hosting
Junior Church during the Sunday Morning Worship Hour.  Both options offer pros and cons, and together in prayer, we will proceed.
     I am also excited to announce an upcoming Confirmation Class, the third such class I will have led here at Edwards.  Youth 5th Grade and older are invited to attend this two-month class held during the months of October and November.  Students will learn what it means to be United Methodist, a member of a local church, and most importantly begin to develop a systematic theology that will serve as a foundation faith for the rest of their lives.  At the end of the class students will have the chance to confirm their faith…either through Holy Baptism or by accepting as their own the faith their parents proclaimed for them.   Finally, students will assist in leading our First Sunday of Advent Worship Service as we celebrate the coming of the Advent Season.
     And something I am so excited about…we are planning a Homecoming Sunday on September 16th.  We will all join in inviting to worship folks we haven’t seen at church for a while, folks who were once friends or family of EMUMC that have moved away, and most importantly….our friends, neighbors, fellow students and co-workers who need to experience the joy, love and Christ-filled Fellowship that is offered here at Edwards!  AND…a great METHODIST MEAL will follow in the Fellowship Hall.
So…there you have it…a look at what’s comin’ down the pike!  My prayer is that you will search your heart, offer your input in places you feel led, and take a worshipful trip with us in the coming of the Autumn.

                                                  And Remember,

                                                  Jesus Is Coming Back

                                                  Pastor Scott Bell