​​​Pastor’s Column:
​                                                "Do We...Or Don't We?!?"

Weather. Winter weather. As predictable as the dietary preferences of a two-year-old. January was a real humdinger here in good ol' Union County, and February is lining up to be a real deep-freeze as well. Cold temperatures and dangerous driving conditions present this Pastor with difficult decisions in regard to "do we or don't we" hold Sunday Worship Services, Sunday School, Confirmation Classes, Meetings, and all the rest. Accordingly, I have, once again, come up with a plan to bring some clarity, not to mention consistency in the decision-making process.

For those with internet and radio access, the following method will most likely do the trick. Whenever Union County is on a WATCH or WARNING LEVEL (or level II and/or III in the old system which is STILL used by some Law Enforcement Agencies), all church related activities will be CANCELED. Travel Advisories can be found at in.gov.

In addition, cancelation notifications will be published on our Church Website (emumc.com), my Facebook page, and our Church Facebook Page, which is also linked from our Website. This will be most helpful when Evening Activities are being canceled...such as Committee Meetings, etc.

As always, Members and Friends are encouraged to use their own best judgement regarding attendance, always erring on the side of safety and common sense.

As for folks without internet access...via dial up, DSL, cable, Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, or some other method I don't understand, I guess the best method will be to "phone a friend." And if all else fails, you might consider contacting Punxsutawney Phil on February 2nd. Everyone knows the Groundhog is never wrong.

                                                                      And remember,

                                                      Pastor Scott Bell

​                                                     He's Coming Back!​ 

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FEBRUARY 1st, 2019

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