4-5 Program Information

Edwards Memorial Nursery School
 Telephone: 765-458-7480

Email: preschool@emumc.com

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A Ministry of
 Edwards Memorial United Methodist Church

EMNS Application Packet  (View & Print)

Registration fee is $65.00
Monthly tuition is $112.00

Edwards Memorial Nursery School provides a Christ-centered atmosphere conducive to learning through structured play.
 It is our goal to help children develop healthy personalities, form values, feelings and attitudes that form the foundation for a  positive self-image and good relationships.

What do I need?

  • A copy of your child’s immunization record from doctor or health department
  • Completed registration packet
  • $65.00 registration fee (checks payable to EMNS)

Helpful information:

  • Tuition is $112.00 a month, due on the 1st each month, after the 10th a $10.00 late fee added.
  • Classes are offered on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday during the school year.
  • We follow the UCCCJSD calendar for vacation dates and weather related delays/cancellations.
  • Children must be 3 by October 1st and potty trained.

Session hours are as follows:

  • AM session 8:45-11:30
  • PM session 12:45-3:30

Many ask, "How can I help the preschool?"

Simply take a dove off the tree on the south wall of the Rogers Fellowship center, and purchase the item written on the dove.
Then return it to the preschool.

There is no obligation and we appreciate your offering.

4 W Seminary  St - Liberty, Indiana

3-4 Program Information

Edwards Memorial United Methodist Church

Open Hearts
Open Minds
Open Doors

Registration fee is $65.00
Monthly tuition is $112.00
EMNS Application Packet  
(View & Print)